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Participant 2014, Russie/Russia 2014

Greetings from Moscow

After an eventful week of visiting businesses and meeting heads of companies, the weekend was reserve for us to visit the city properly. Nonetheless, Saturday proved to have a hectic schedule as well! The morning we visited inside the Kremlin.

A delightful place,  accommodation some beautifully intricate orthodox churches. In addition, we visited the Crown Jewels […]

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Deloitte CIS – An enlightening encounter

In 2013 Deloitte, withholds the lead as one of the Big Four, the four largest international professional services networks. Deloitte provides to selected clients in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), services ranging from Audit, Consulting, Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Legal & Taxation to integrated IPO.

In the CIS, Deloitte employs today over 2500. A substantial […]

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