Being in Moscow

Being in Moscow for the past couple of days has so far been an unforgettable life experience. With very little knowledge about Russians’ lifestyle, I have been delighted to observe their every movements along our ventures around Moscow. With the ever lasting language barrier, my communications with the exterior world have been limited to a […]

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The next engine of Russian economic growth

The Russian economy has long been dependent on oil and gas, but as the Russian leaders realised it was necessary to develop other sectors of their economy, and choose to invest in emerging technologies (like nanotechnology), they seem to have underestimated the service sector, and more particularly, the hospitality industry.

Russia is a vast, culturally rich, […]

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A Masterpiece: The Moscow Metro System

The Moscow Metro is quite extraordinary and quite frankly, a work of art.  Every station is like visiting a small museum.  The Metro opened in 1935 with one 11-km line with 13 stations.  Today, the metro is the 3rd heavily used system in the world after  Tokyo and Seoul; it has a total of 188 […]

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St-Petersburg; love at first sight

We arrived in St-Petersburg after a very comfortable and smooth ride across Russia’s country side in a high speed train. During the first hours in St-Petersburg (affectionally called « St-Peters » by a friendly young fantom taxi driver), I was instantly amazed by the beauty and warmth of the city. It is just Amazing! After spending more […]

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Superstitious Much?

We’ve all heard of those common superstitions that have become integrated into our daily lives. The typical ‘find a penny, pick it up’, black cats crossing our path, breaking a mirror, knocking on wood and the all so famous unlucky Friday the 13th. This struck me as one of the rather intense ones when I discovered […]

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