After an eventful week of visiting businesses and meeting heads of companies, the weekend was reserve for us to visit the city properly. Nonetheless, Saturday proved to have a hectic schedule as well! The morning we visited inside the Kremlin.


A delightful place,  accommodation some beautifully intricate orthodox churches. In addition, we visited the Crown Jewels and the Armory, splendors of the Tsar’s kingdom. Certain areas were closed off to the public, such as the Senate where Putin resides. The Red Square is located right beside the Kremlin, in which lays St- Basil’s. Up close the cathedral is absolutely breathtaking ! Though the inside is particular; in fact, it is a combination of 9 distinct churches! One would believe a big dome would rise to the ceiling as you entered though the reality is a maze of narrow and hidden hallways. At one point, I had goose bumps as there was a quintet choral singing in the center tower. Their voices seem like heavenly angels which gently filled the rooms.


Afterwards, we were then were off to the market. The market was a mix of noises and hustling vendors displaying their goods.  Each stall more enticing than the other. Plenty of artisans works as well as time-honored souvenirs were displayed.  I fell to temptation and purchased a traditional Russian fur hat!

We then had a late lunch in the most outlandish place. The premise seemed as though it was in the Far East! It was in fact a Georgian restaurant and the meal was absolutely delicious. All of the meats and produce are local as well as are organic, which is surprisingly much cheaper than imported items. The flavors of the foods are just savory.

Indeed, I did not expect that my trip to Russia would also be a culinary  delight. Traditional  dishes were nutritious as well as flavorful such as borscht,  dressed herring or berry kissel. The time in Russia proved to be a brilliant experience.