It is officially the end of Campus Abroad Russia. This morning, we had an early start as we left St. Petersburg to take the 7 AM train back to Moscow. Although our return to the city presented us with a great opportunity to see any last-minute sites, I was so exhausted from all the travel that I did not have the energy to explore. Instead, I relaxed in my hotel room as I prepared for my flight tomorrow.


This evening, we had a good-bye dinner at Sisters Grimm (photo from the restaurant’s outdoor terrace above). It was an emotional farewell as we thanked our coordinators Pierre-Emmanuel and Olga, and they expressed their delight with our group. This has been an amazing two weeks and I would not have changed a thing about it. I would like to thank everyone involved – students, coordinators, business hosts, etc. You have made my trip to Russia a truly incredible experience.

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