Apart from wine, Australians are very proud of their coffee. We are amazed by the quality of coffee served here, from up-scaled restaurants to corner coffee shops. Long black, flat white, latte and Cappuccino are the popular options. Chai latte is frequently ordered too. Walking in the street, you can easily find a local café in the street corner where people enjoy their coffee and sunshine. (Apparently, people are complaining there is too much sun in Australia.) No surprising, Starbucks is not performing well here. Only three stores are survived in Sydney in order to keep the brand in Australia.

Australia is influenced both from UK and Asia. ‘Fusion’ is the most suitable word, I feel, to describe Sydney, from the building style to the food. Asian food is a must try here. They are affordable and tasty. A couple of sushi rolls with a miso soup are ideal for lunch. After a tight schedule day, enjoying a pizza or steak with a bottle of Australian wine can be a perfect way to finish the day.