Welcome to Australia

Our official campus welcome to Australia and the first culinary experience on the terrace of the Merrywell bar, on the night of June 21st. We enjoyed our first get together on a heated terrace of the club and an animated discussion on the topic of the role of women in the economic and social development […]

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Trois villes, trois atmosphères totalement différentes, un point commun.

Melbourne est une ville en carré, avec des artères rectilignes et bien dessinées. Très facile de s’orienter, elle nous a semblé ressembler à Toronto par certains côtés. La ville est influencée par sa multi-culturalité : les quartiers européens côtoient les restaurants asiatiques et autres influences. En visitant les rues de la ville de la ville […]

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Australia part 2 : Sydney

Campus Australia is now over and many of us are either in Cairns or on the way back to Montreal. My first blog focused on Melbourne and Adelaide, so now I will be covering the amazing city of Sydney.
The first thing that struck me in Sydney was the weather. When we arrived on Saturday it […]

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Wine Institute – Thursday June 27th

In the wine institute, we learnt a lot about the wine industry. While we were in the wine institute, it was interesting to learn about the process of the wine making. Mainly, all the vineyards are concentrate in South Australia were there is more water, but there is an exception with one vineyard (the only […]

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Australian life style…

Apart from wine, Australians are very proud of their coffee. We are amazed by the quality of coffee served here, from up-scaled restaurants to corner coffee shops. Long black, flat white, latte and Cappuccino are the popular options. Chai latte is frequently ordered too. Walking in the street, you can easily find a local café […]

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