Manaus: Entering the Jungle

The last stop of our two-week campus in Brazil was in Manaus, an urban city of 2 million inhabitants located in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest. Manaus was the richest city of South America in the late 1800s due to the development of the rubber industry. Europeans came to Manaus to exploit its natural […]

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IPÊ and the community Nova Esperança

Campus Abroad Brazil brought us to another destination : Manaus. This city of two million inhabitants is surrounded by one of the most important ecosystems of the world : the Amazon Rainforest. Considered as the “lungs of the Earth”, we had the chance of exploring it for the next three days on Maíra I, a […]

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The importance of Social Control in developing countries


During our second day in Ilhabela we visited the Instituto Ilhabela Sustentavel. The institute is a non-profit organisation which mission is « To promote the participation and organization of civil society in the planning, implementation and monitoring of actions for sustainable development of Ilhabela.

We met with key members of the organisation who deeply explained the political […]

On the way to the Amazonas

The Amazonas has always been a region of the world that fascinated people, attracting the most strong-headed explorers who were and still are seeking mind blowing experiences. And of course adventure. When we think about the Amazon forest, it seems so far and exotic that we don’t really project ourselves there. But there we were, […]

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The Caiçara community of Bonete

During the Campus Abroad in Brazil, we had the chance to visit many different places in this beautiful country. All I have seen was so impressive, especially the island of Ilhabela and a beach called Bonete. That beach is on the other side of the island and the only way to go there is by […]

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