Schmoozing at the Digital Moose cocktail

Last Thursday night we had the chance to attend Digital Moose’s Lounge Canada Alumni Day Reception held at Stanford’s Faculty Club. The mission of Digital Moose is to be the first point of contact for Canadians in Silicon Valley and the Bay area. Aside the excellent buffet and the great ambiance, all […]

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A visit to the Canadian General Consulate of SF

This Monday afternoon, we were at the General Consulate of San Francisco. There are 16 Canadian consulates in the USA. We were meeting with John Zimmerman, consul and senior trade commissioner and some of his colleagues. The goal of the consulate is to help attract firms from California to Canada such as Cisco, Facebook, Google […]

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A visit at Alcatraz

A visit to San Francisco is not complete without a tour at Alcatraz. That’s what we did on our last day in California. Impressive is the first word coming to me when I think about the location and the installation behind the prison. When the boat let us in front the massive building we had […]

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Open Counter & Autodesk

Open Counter – Monday, June 29th

Today, we have met with Peter Koht, founder at Open Counter. This visit was really interesting as we often think of governments as the dinosaurs of the business world. While some people may take that fact for granted and move on, Peter saw an opportunity to innovate. He explained to […]

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A night with the Oakland A’s

On Friday July 3rd, the group had the chance of attending a baseball game in Oakland. The Oakland A’s were playing against the visiting Seattle Mariners at Coliseum.


After our final integration session, we embarked on the Bay Area Rapid Transit, which drove us under the bay and right in front of the stadium. We […]

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