Credit Suisse, a leading global bank

June 10th 2016 : The 8-to-8 day.

Since the beginning of the campus, we have had the opportunity to visit several companies in Switzerland. However, June 10th was different from the other days. Not only did we had a visit planned at Credit Suisse, but we also had our final presentation. Even if I was a little […]

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The One Where We Visited the Canadian Embassy in Switzerland

Have you ever visited a Canadian Embassy ? If not, let me tell you how amazing this experience was for me during our stay in Switzerland and how much I learn from it.

A bit more about Bern. Despite what I thought before heading for the Campus, Bern is not the capital of Switzerland. Indeed, it […]

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Basel’s Pharma Giant

From Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani to Jenny Holzer, many architects contributed to Novartis HQ’s unique design. Indeed, every single building has been imagined from a different perspective, creating an atypically versatile design to the whole complex, and making its visit very interesting. Unexpectedly, the campus’ landscape was comparable to Switzerland’s weather. During our stay, at one […]

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Visit of The United Nations

June 04th 2016: For our last day in Geneva, we planned a visit in one of the most symbolic place: The United Nations.

I think that everyone has an idea of what are the United Nations but let me make a short presentation of the latter. It is the largest International organisation founded in 1945 and which is currently made up of 193 members. The latter develops actions in various fields in order to maintain a stability between the countries that it is from a political, social or economic point of view.

After having missed our bus and more than one hour of delay, here we are in front of the United Nations entrance. The first impression that we had was that the security seemed to be a very important challenge in a place of such importance. Thus after having passed the security as with the airport (X-ray, passport control, etc.), here we are within the head office of The UN.

Once we […]

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On June 3rd we headed to the European Organization for Nuclear Research, aka CERN. It is the holy grail of pure science and is the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. The brightest scientists from all over the world collaborate here to find out what the universe is made of and how it works. […]

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