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My EU 2016 Campus Experience

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On June 18th 2016, I met up with 19 other HEC Montreal students in Europe, embarked on an unforgettable 2-week journey through Brussels, Berlin and Prague, immersed in foreign affairs while acquiring a plethora of knowledge and most importantly, made incredible new friends.
This short clip was created for […]

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HEC meets TASCHEN in Berlin

On Friday June 24th, it was a scorching hot afternoon when we made our way to our second meeting: TASCHEN in Berlin. This was only our second day in Germany, but it was quite evident that the summer heat was draining our high spirits. As a group of 20 students & 2 teachers, it was […]

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Shakespeare in Brussels

Above Quartier des Squares in Brussels, as the sun set, a military helicopter roared through the airspace, making a buzzing sound, as I exited the metro. It was near 20h00, which meant I was going to be running late for the show: a Shakespeare play being put on by the Brussels Shakespeare Society (BSS). I […]

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Embassy of Canada in Berlin

On June 23rd after a short airplane ride we arrived to Berlin and visited the Canadian Embassy. We met Marie-Claire Hall, Education Program Advisor. She received us at the Public Multimedia Room and covered areas such us the role of the Canadian Embassy at Berlin and their connection with the German Community.

The fact that the […]

Teraki, the future standard for Big Data

You probably must have already heard about it quite a lot but Big Data is coming whether you like it or not and is even already here around us. For those who don’t know, according to Tech Target, Big Data designates massive amounts of data which can be mined for information.

But here comes the problem, […]